Hi, my name's Rosamund:

A Berlin-based software engineer with experience building dynamic, CMS-centred applications. Currently, I'm part of the Kitchen Stories backend team.

As a former translator and editor, my work in tech is motivated by the commonalities of the human experience and the spectrum of nuances in human expression and perception. Needless to say, I'm a big fan of clean, self-documenting code.

Rose der Welt

Blog where I document my developer journey, publish tutorials, and explore the similarities between code and prose.

Technologies used: Django, Wagtail, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, Gunicorn, nginx, Digital Ocean


DE-EN vocab generator

Generating German words/phrases from a database with their English translations. API in development.

Technologies used: Flask, SQLAlchemy, Marshmallow



Application helping authors (and others writing long projects) to keep track of their word counts and meet their goals.

Technologies used: Django, Bootstrap


Background & interests

How I got into coding

I'd experimented with HTML and CSS before, but got into Python by accident, really. Check out a little bit more of my origin story.

Creative writing

Other ways I get good use out of my keyboard: I've just finished my first novel draft and have a few other writing projects on the go. More on that here!


Inclusion and equal access in all areas of this industry are really important to me. I've coached at Django Girls and, as of autumn 2021, Frauenloop.

Natural languages

English (native – UK)
German (full working proficiency)
French (fluent)
Russian (beginner)

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